The Guardian of the Grail®, selects the best essential oils which contain very powerful and active substances with a high therapeutic level. These essential oils are very complex mixtures made with plants containing volatile components, among which, the following can be found, terpenes, esters, ketones, alcohol, aldehydes..etc. An essential oil must be natural, pure, and with a known country of origin (origin of the plant and parts or parts of the plant used),chemo typed in order to meet the high standards quality, obtained by steam distillation and in the case of citric fruits by cold pressing.

The Guardian of the Grail® works with a selection of essential oils from all over the world, natural, ecological, chemo typed and 100% pure, together with vegetable oils obtained from cold pressing and ecological alcohol.

The 13 Alchemies of Transformation avail of the corresponding analysis which certify its quality and compliance with the current legislation.