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This alchemy of essential oils has been brought under supervision of the Archangel Michael and a tremendous army of angels comes with it.

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This alchemy of essential oils has been brought under supervision of the Archangel Michael and a tremendous army of angels comes with it.

Angels are pure light and loves is their nature. The protection energies of love from the angels wrap and surround those who wear it. The angels want you to know that you are not alone and now more than ever they approach you so that you feel protected in their tender and powerful embrace.

Especially indicated for those who feel fear, even without knowing what you fear, fear of the unknown and for children and adults alike who are sensitive to their surroundings, whose extra sensorial abilities are waking up, those who see, hear or feel energy nearby which they cannot identify, children who are afraid to sleep alone, who are scared of noises…

Wrapped with “Light of Angels” children will feel the protection of these bright Beings, by relaxing, knowing and feeling that the light keeps the dark away.


Protection, liberation of fears, understanding other realities.


  • Oil: 2 or 3 times a day, heart chakra, 3rd eye chakra (forehead), pulses (behind ears and on wrists)
  • Spray: Spray 2 or 3 times a day around your aura from top to bottom, along the sides and front. (Chakras or centres of energy) and spray above and behind your head.

For optimum use, try applying the alchemy oil or Spray “Kwan Yin & Astrea”


The Archangel Michael, Mikhael in Hebrew, is known for being the Prince of Light, He, who is like God, King of the armies in the sky who fight against the negative forces and protects your light. He has a great legion of Angels under his charge, his qualities among others is the development of all his actions carried out in a calm, incorruptible and flawless manner. The Archangel Michael takes care of the most sacred within us, the light of our hearts.

Michael Archangel, the bearer of the sword of light, together with his legion of Angels, protects you physically and psychically, on the occasions you feel fear or vulnerable by making you feel safe, he gives you the courage to face any situation or fear, knowing there is nothing to be afraid of. His main task is to free mankind of all energy related to fear, the human beings he works with are called Workers of the Light.

The Angels he is in charge of are pure expressions of love and his love for us is unconditional, his Angels will not praise you for the good you do nor will they abandon you for the bad, an Angel does not judge but sees the Divine Light that lives inside you. The Angels defend and protect you from all darkness. The Angels now reach out to you to protect and teach you that there is nothing to fear, led by the Archangel Michael through the essential oil “Light of Angels”.


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