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The Interior Sanctuary oil is especially formulated to help you enter and remain in that interior space where it is possible to tune in with the Universal Soul and the Spiritual Essence of existence.

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The Interior Sanctuary oil is especially formulated to help you enter and remain in that interior space where it is possible to tune in with the Universal Soul and the spiritual essence of existence. Using this oil gives you the opportunity to empty your mind, your thoughts are no longer priority and the necessary space inside is created to allow the high vibration energies from your superior being (sub conscious mind) descend by filling your interior mind with high frequencies of light. Thus clearing and developing the psychic channels and putting you in contact with your intuition and the endless source of wisdom...

It is very suitable for people who work as therapists, clairvoyants, channellers,tarot readers….as it helps elevate your own vibration and tune in to receive information from the highest spheres of love and light, enabling you to offer a better service to those who request it..


Development of intuition and psychic abilities, channeling, increase of extra sensorial perceptions, connection with the Interior Source.


  • Oil: 2 or 3 times a day, heart chakra, 3rd eye chakra (forehead), pulses (behind ears and on wrists)
  • Spray: Spray 2 or 3 times a day around your aura from top to bottom, along the sides and front. (Chakras or centres of energy) and spray above and behind your head.


Lady Nada and Sananda, were known as Maria Magdalena and Jesus in their last incarnation, they worked together like Soulmates, which they are, by helping mankind and Earth on their way towards their ascension by walking the path of unconditional love. Together they carry the energies of Unconditional Divine Love; an activity expressed through the Golden Ruby Ray.

Lady Nada is a member of the Great White Brotherhood like Chohan of the Sixth Ray and also of the Great Karmic Board made up of eight tremendous Cosmic Beings and High Masters, therefore, Lady Nada represents and brings love, opportunity, transmutation, freedom, justice and service to Life.

Sananda represents the Ascension of Mankind on the way to Divinity through Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness, she also serves the spiritual hierarchy, the purification of teachings which she brought to the world like Jesus and which were manipulated and distorted through the first Christian churches by the men who controlled them. Now the true teachings of Christhood are reviving since their initiation 2000 years ago.

Lady Nada and Sananda together bring us the alchemy of essential oils “Interior Sanctuary”, so that through Peace and Love you recuperate your connection with Divinity and your own Interior Source through the Peace and Love within you, it facilitates access to the information of your Being and connection with the Guides.


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