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Gaia, the living spirit of Mother Earth, wants to remind you of its abundance.

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Gaia, the living spirit of Mother Earth, wants to remind you of its abundance. Around us Mother Earth is constantly displaying her abundance, air to breath which nurtures your thoughts, water of life which regenerates your cells and cleans your feelings, fire of spirit which feeds your life, lands full of minerals which your body needs to keep healthy, all the aspects of life through the kingdoms it inhabits, wherever you look, everything you need is there, your body is even made up of its elements.

By using this essential oil alchemical, Gaia Goddess flow of abundance opens up to you so that you receive what you need to express a balanced and prosperous life. The Universe does not wish you to have deficiencies in your life but to provide you with everything you need to develop what you came to do and evolve without worrying about survival. As you work with this oil, everything that keeps you from this truth begins to dissolve and you open to the flow of abundance that Gaia offers you.


To release and dissolve the limits of the flow of prosperity, abundance and fulfilment of projects.


  • Oil: 2 or 3 times a day, heart chakra, 3rd eye chakra (forehead), pulses (behind ears and on wrists)
  • Spray: Spray 2 or 3 times a day around your aura from top to bottom, along the sides and front. (Chakras or centres of energy) and spray above and behind your head.


Gaia is the name given to this marvellous cosmic being called Earth, Gaia is the Goddess of Earth, the spirit of nature and of all its inhabitants; she is the living spirit of Earth. Gaia is our Mother Earth, whose love allows us to live there so as to carry out our fulfilments through human experiences. Gaia has been worshipped in many cultures under different names such as Gea, Pachamama …

Gaia connects us to Earth and All the Creation and provides support for all her children and all those who live on earth.

Many thousands of years ago, the ancient men, by observing nature and its surroundings, understood that for life to express itself, a Mother was needed, and thus that Mother was seen in the nature, on the Earth, in the waters, on the Moon, in the forests and in the women. It was through this observation and mystery of life that nature offers us, that it was understood that the Goddess is seen in nature, as when a mother gives birth and feeds her children, Nature constantly creates life, through water, plants, tall trees, the Earth that supports them, thus providing for her children and all the inhabitants, and the ancient men started pleading for help to find fruit, food, shelter from danger… And Mother Earth was called Gaia.

For mankind to grow, evolve and have a full life, it is essential to be strongly anchored to Earth on an energetic level, and have deep roots like a strong tree that no wind, water or storm can blow over, if you have strong roots holding onto Earth you will be nourished. In the same way, if a person has strong energetic roots, no obstacle or hardship will knock you down and you will be nourished and have everything you need to live. That is how generous, loving and prosperous Gaia is, she offers everything her children need.

By using the essential oils alchemical “Gaia”, your energy is balanced and willing to receive everything that Gaia offers.


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