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Hekate, triple moon goddess, brings relief and transformation to those negative emotions which emerge as rage, anger, feelings of injustice and resentment which darken your soul like a shadow hiding the love in your heart.

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Hecate, triple moon goddess, brings relief and transformation tothose negative emotions which emerge as rage, anger, feelings of injustice and resentment which darken your soul like a shadow hiding the love in your heart. Occasionally these feelings may be strongly ingrained, or may have even started many years before, whether these feelings have been in your life for a long time or emerge at certain times or moments of the day, the application of this alchemy is appropriate.

Working with this oil, allows your personality to unwrap, enabling you to access the highest part of your being where your vision is different and you can see the problems and circumstances from a higher perspective and different angles, and from that point they stop affecting you and you start seeing the solutions clearly, you can choose to resolve rather than get angry.

The essential oils of the Goddess Hecate has been filled with her energy helping you in the processes where you feel resentment, anger, and even fury, with love and peacefulness you can start to free the causes, face your shadows and take them to the Light.


When anger disappears, only love remains. Liberation of rage, anger, resentment, provides objectivity. It protects you from shock and traumatic experiences. It helps expel viruses and bacterias by applying the spray around your aura and in the place you sleep.


  • Oil: 2 or 3 times a day, heart chakra, 3rd eye chakra (forehead), pulses (behind ears and on wrists)
  • Spray: Spray 2 or 3 times a day around your aura from top to bottom, along the sides and front. (Chakras or centres of energy) and spray above and behind your head.


Hecate is one of the main names of the original Gods; She is a Triple Moon Goddess, one of the original trinities connected to the three phases of the moon, which governs the sky, Earth and underworlds. She is of archaic origin and at the same time very complex as her attributes have changed depending on the different interpretations she was exposed to over time, different cultures, different religions, etc.. Hecate is the Lady of paths and crossroads, where she sees over many things, in the past, present and future to come, she is the Guard of the Keys of the whole Universe, and She is the guide and offers her love. Hecate is the Great Mother.

The Moon Goddess Hecate also reveals mysteries and brightens the paths with her Light, as Hecate is depicted with Sacred torches as one of her many portrayals, Hecate is “the Bearer of Light”. The Goddess Hecate brings Light into your life, with which she brightens your fears, anger, shadows and hidden feelings. When light enters the dark spaces of your subconscious where darkness itself is hidden, these light up and occasionally show more shadows. Anger and other emotions are themselves shadows where light has yet to reach; they are expressed in this way to attract attention to something inside. It is a call to our interior Being which exhibits internal dissonance or misunderstanding, not knowing that they exist, as the original cause is generally found in our subconsciousness, thus expressing themselves through resentment, anger and fury.


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