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With this alchemy oil, Brigid brings the energy needed to enable you to connect with the integrity, impeccability and innocence that lives within your heart, thus aligning your emotional and mental bodies, your words and actions with your divine presence and allowing  you to flow with confidence and happiness down the river of life.

Cosmic Goddess - Uniting The Divine In Youi


When you connect your physical life with your spiritual life, a spark of light and awakening ignites in your centre heart, it is the spark of life that reminds you of the mission that your soul brought to express in this incarnation.



Gaia, the living spirit of Mother Earth, wants to remind you of its abundance.



Hekate, triple moon goddess, brings relief and transformation to those negative emotions which emerge as rage, anger, feelings of injustice and resentment which darken your soul like a shadow hiding the love in your heart.

Isis Goddess


At times in your life when you do not know what direction to take, what to do or how to do it, the alchemy oil "Isis" helps start the energy needed to get you out of the state of blockage.

Kwan Yin & Astrea


This oil is full of the purifying and transforming power of the Goddess Kwan Yin & Eloha Astrea.

The purpose of using this oil is to free, transform and purify all your emotions, thoughts and energy within or remote that cause discomfort, distortion and blockages.

Lady Nada & Sananda – Interior Sanctuary


The Interior Sanctuary oil is especially formulated to help you enter and remain in that interior space where it is possible to tune in with the Universal Soul and the Spiritual Essence of existence.

Light Of Angels


This alchemy of essential oils has been brought under supervision of the Archangel Michael and a tremendous army of angels comes with it.

María Magdalena

Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene brings this mix selected from essential oils to help open your heart.



This oil helps you make contact with your interior, where the necessary energy emerges to get you started, to get your projects started and even those plans you have been putting off but yet want to develop or change in your life, whether it is a work project, a change in your diet, or giving up addictions.

Mother Mary – The Divine Mother


Truth frees the soul, truth heals the body, dignifies the person, truth is always liberating yet sometimes it hurts to see it and even more painful when it comes to light, you are afraid of the consequences it may bring.

Sanat Kumara & Venus


This oil is especially made for helping to relax, focus and concentrate, all at the same time, it allows redirecting the energies of special children and adults who are bearers of a specific vibration and suffer because it is hard for them to adapt the energy and its high vibrations to the density of this world and their bodies themselves.

Sarah – Flor eterna

Sarah – Eternal Flower


Sarah, daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus brings “Eternal flower”, this oil provides your cells with the necessary information, reminding them of the beauty and healthy which they carry, it dissolves beliefs that act as misguiding patterns of energy which lead your body to deterioration, ageing and illness due to the passing of time.