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Welcome to our website. My name is Raquel G. Eireen, also known by some as “the Lady of the Woods”, since I was a child I have been travelling among different worlds and dimensions, coming into contact, during those travels, with Beings of Light, who live and appear on different planes and realms, however, I was unaware of this until some time later.

For many years I have been carrying out this activity, which I have always considered to be a normal part of my life, and it is from that relationship with other dimensions where I have the pleasure and joy of presenting you with The Guardian of the Grail, The Alchemy of Transformation. A magical combination of essential oils, together with the high vibrations of the Beings of Light.

This gift full of blessings comes from Mary Magdalene, a divine complement and much more from the Master Jesus, also known as the High Mistress of the 6th Ray “Lady Nada”. It was on one of my travels to Avalon (Glastonbury), a place where Mary Magdalene spent several years of her life, where our connection became stronger, and some time later, on a trip to the south of the French Provence where I followed her steps, was when this process started. Since then, I have taken groups of people to enable them to connect with this marvellous and magical place in the south of England and France following the Path of Mary Magdalene where she travelled leaving behind a path of love and light. Thus, with these travels each person may receive the gifts waiting for them as I did and continue doing.

Creation of the Essential Oils. The Guardian of the Grail.

With the inspiration and continuous companionship of Mary Magdalene, what She calls “The thirteen Alchemies of Transformation” were born.

These are mixtures of pure essential oils of the highest quality with a base of cold pressed and ecological macadamia nut oil, each of these oils contain the strength of the spirit of Nature together with the energy of the high Beings of Light, who have lovingly made the materialization of this transforming energy possible, bringing with it blessings to our souls and lives.

The aural spray contains the same formula as the essential oils with a base of ecological vegetable oil.

The formulas have been channelled by Mary Magdalene, a great expert on the power of plants and the Divine presence that live within them, throughout the whole process of each essential oil, She has introduced me to different Beings and Energies who have filled, and continue doing so, each of the oils with their energy and with specific purposes to help humanity with their walk on this Earth towards freedom and their Ascent, opening their path during this journey called life.

Some of these marvellous Beings give the name to each essential oil which can be found in the section “Oils and Aural Sprays”, Mary - Divine Mother, Sara, Cosmic Goddess, Gaia, Sanat Kumara & Venus, Lady Nada & Sananda “Interior Sanctuary”, Hecate, Isis, Merlin, Light of Angels, Brigid, Kwan Yin & Astrea and of course, Mary Magdalene.

In this section you can find out the indications of each essential oil. When you start working with the essential oils, almost immediately, regardless of which one you use, the first effects can be felt, and a feeling of “wellbeing” begins to settle inside you. The oils become effective by sending information to the brain through our sense of smell which start making associations and even bring a series of forgotten memories to your mind, as the area of the brain related to smell is the same as that of memory, thus the process of recognising those emotions and thoughts, which were hidden and blocked, begins, by using each essential oil these become alive and begin to transform until a balance is reached.

The Essential Oils “The Guardian of the Grail” are also suitable for animals, most of the disorders suffered by animals are disorders suffered by the person themselves and the animal shows its affection by relieving the humans it lives with of the burden, thus taking some of their pain, therefore the oils can also be applied to cats or dogs, not only will you help them but also yourself, so help them and yourself by applying some oil.

Presentation of the Essential oils. The Guardian of the Grail.

In the previous section where “Aural Oils and Sprays” are mentioned, the oil or spray can be bought.

Oils: this oil works on your cells, it takes the information to your brain and to the interior of the cells and internal waters (we are made up of water by over 70%) where the mental programmes are lodged, the emotions created through them, and the inherited genetic information, working also on your DNA, from inherited patterns and changing the “wrong “information which on a cellular level is stored. These oils have the exact proportions in order to work appropriately.

Aural Spray: The effect of this oil is by spraying on the aura of the person, in other words, on the electromagnetic field of light that surrounds every being and which can only be seen when a person has developed the ability to see the subtle energies, or by using special machines such as the Kirlian camera or the Aura-Station system, which capture the light frequencies and turn them into images on a screen. The aura is made up of subtle bodies, the emotional, mental, etheric, astral and spiritual bodies; it is directly related to the Chakras which are the centres of energy that send information to each part of the body and organism.

The correct way to use them is by applying the Essential Oils, as they work on a deeper level, from the cell, from the inside out, and for a faster result of the process you can combine the oil with the Aural Spray of the same name, as this works from the outside in, thus working in synergy as a team, becoming stronger.

The Guardian of the Grail training. The 13 Alchemies of Transformation.

To use the oils it is only necessary to feel which one is the most appropriate for you at this moment or follow the instructions to guide you accordingly, The Guardian of the Grail also brings a course for all those who wish to understand the products and their application in more detail during a therapeutic session, in a thorough method which brings balance on all levels as well as an expansion of the heart Chakra leading the person to the development and manifestation of the Cristic consciousness and expression of unconditional Love.

This is the gift which reaches us from the Light and Love through Mary Magdalene. Let yourself get carried away by the information, Light, Love and transformation that the “The Guardian of the Grail” brings.

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